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You spend time every single day in your bathroom so it's no wonder it should be an important

room in your home. Whether taking a relaxed spa-like bath, or just getting away from the stressors

of daily life, your bathroom should provide you with a nirvanic, personal space that is very

comforting to the mind and soul. From design, colours, and tiles, everything should be well

co-ordinated and executed. All details and elements should complement one another.

Bathroom Renovation Breakdown

The renovation of your bathroom can be broken down into 5 qualities: space, light, materials, textures, and detail. Luxury is not synonymous with size.  Understanding each element on its own is key so once they come together, they can create an overwhelming feeling of awe.  

Space – You don’t require lots of square footage in order to make it your oasis. You can create the illusion of space by staying away from a clutter, and aiming for a polished, minimalistic look.


Light – Lighting can be a rare commodity, just like space. If you have a poorly lit room, you can add a few pot-lights, or if you want a more grand design you have the option of wall sconces & dimmers.


Materials – If chosen properly, certain materials never go out of style. Natural materials such as jade, marble, river rocks, gem and semiprecious stones can be used for your custom vanity, countertops, floors or wall finishes.


Textures – Texture wants us to touch. There are so many ways to treat yourself to great comfort during Canada’s long winter season such as feeling the warmth beneath your feet on the heated tiles or wrapping yourself with a toasty warm towel fresh off the electric rack.


Detail – What makes your bathroom special are the fine, subtle touches that personalize your space making it yours. This can be a glamorous chandelier hanging over the tub, or beautiful, scented candles placed all over.

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We will put together a detailed and specific design that covers all areas of your ideas and needs to ensure that any work done by us is to your satisfaction.  NC License 65581

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